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Community Pack Releases

We make a new release of the script pack every Friday at night. In some special cases, a hotfix or bugfix will be released before the desired date, but that's fine, here you will always find _only_ the lastest release. You can see the changes done since the last revisions in the Changelog (Link at the top).

Release Date (Revision) Download
21/01/2011 22:31 p.m. (r367 ) Download



Below you will find a list of things to archieve for the next release. Releases will be created every month, of course you can get the up-to-date code from the SVN, but like every project we have to set milestones and according to those milestones, bring a new release to the community. We will try to do everything in time, but if we can't we will set another date and bring the release some days later.

Click here to check our milestones


Project Staff

Leader: ShiryuX (contact me: ShiryuX@sphere.torfo.org)
Committers: jeem, Khaos, xantier (people who directly contributes into the SVN)
Contributors: Anarch Cassius, Cloud_BR, Coruja747, Pyromapes2k, Valios, Wiccanian, Xantier
Special Thanks: Torfo (for trusting me with this), MrSugarCube (for helping us with every sphere update)
NOTE: If I forgot to add you, please contact me.

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